May 2017

Leopard Kitty

Monday May 1st is, as per most May firsts, "May Day..." So wind up the old Victrola to play the "Internationale" as we march around the breakfast table... Meanwhile, for our May Calendar, it's Lights – Action – Mediocrity, a behind–the–scenes shot from some long–forgotten Film Noir... Because, Y'see, a while back, over on the Cutey Bunny FaceBook page, they ran a bit of a poll concerning what characters people might wish to see featured in future calendars... But, as these things go, most who responded didn't seem take it seriously - so I didn't either... For a while I'd thought to perhaps kludge together a calendar using every character mentioned in the poll - but while going through the files looking for usable poses, I came across this old Boulevard pix from 93 and thought, "What the hey – Why not update this instead?" It seemed more fun for myself - not to mention that Vikki Marlowe, the Gophers and a few others in this pix had actually been voted on in the poll... So seems that a few of you do get your wish – After all, you never know who you might meet along the Boulevard of Broken Dreams...

As for other summer calendars, I'm still open to suggestions... the summer months are generally "Bikini Season," but no reason we need to stick to that... I've already done more than enough Bikini Calendars! I do have an idea for a Western–themed calendar featuring Bunz & Katz... Also come fall might do another Red Dwarf–themed calendar with Io & Callisto... While anyone with other ideas is free to write and suggest 'em... No guarantees, but if an idea strikes me as fun, I might just do it... JQ



May Calendar Pix:

Boulevard of Broken Dreams Small Pix