March 2017

Kelly Bunny League

This Calendar has been approved by Bunny League Baseball...

Yes, it's time for Spring Training and seems both Kelly & Heather are trying out for their favorite Bunny-Ball teams...

That's right, for our calendar this month, we look forward to another thrilling season of American's favorite pastime – Sports betting pools – though Baseball is okay too... Yes, the thrill of watching the batter hit off foul ball after foul ball – The tension of the pitching duel, between two clowns in the stands having a food fight – the Hot dogs, the Peanuts, the grossly over-inflated food prices – Sitting in the bleachers, next to the stinky guy who hasn't bathed since last season... Just the parking fees cost more than going to a movie!

Will Heather plump her rump on the base before Kelly can tag her out? Hey, if you want to know that, you gotta pay to get into the stadium! As for myself, I'll just listen to the game on the radio...

PS, I thought I'd have the Calendar posted the morning of the 1st, but as I was hashing out the HTML – Phloop! Power went out! I waited around a bit – Nothing – So as I had an appointment at the VA Hospital, I left for that – returning a few hours later – the power was back on, but I wasn't – So slept till the evening and set to work again – Which kind'a explains why the Calendar is posted a day late, more or less – but hey, it's all free folks... JQ


March Calendar Pix:

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