February 2017

Sailor Moxie

It seems with these calendars, we tend to get stuck into themes - every December it's a Xmas calendar, every February it's a Valentine's Day Calendar (or once a GroundHog's Day one)... Every April its an Easter theme (Except on those odd years when Easter comes in March) and so on so forth... Or occasionally, like for this month, instead of a Valentine's Day theme, I just say to myself, "Sod it all!" and do whatever I feel like... So here you have it, a pix lifted from our Bunz & Katz online comix, as Sailor Moxie takes on the various nefarious villains who infest Golem City (where Bunz has been employed as the "Bat Temp")...

For those of you who haven't been reading the strip, Moxie is a duly deputized Ossifer of the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Dept.) Cosplay Division... She originally was meant to be just a pointless one-off joke -- though since then she's popped up infrequently... I think this is only her third appearance in the strip, though her second in the calendars... (also in two other pages that I set aside after penciling, so I suppose they don't really count)

And "Why?" might you ask, is Moxie back now? Well... mostly just for the gag betwixt her and Bunz, in the page following our current one... Which I suppose I should be getting busy on, now that the calendar is out of the way for this month... You readers (or in the case of the calendar, "Lookers") probably didn't need to know any of this -- mostly I'm just nattering on to fill up space, as this is where I generally say something pertinent or satirical concerning the calendar or politics or life in general... But making fun of the Prez these days, has got me stumped -- I mean the guy's so good at doin' it to hisself, I feel totally outclassed!

And with that, guess I'll be signing off for this month... JQ


February Calendar Pix:

Sailor Moxie small Pix