June 2017

Bronco Bunny

Wal howdy now, li'l sure-shots... Journey with us now to them thrillin' days o' yesteryear, ta High Noon in the hot sun - the waftin' scent o' sun-dried grass, an' un-dried hoss-apples, an' black powder gunsmoke, as Bronco Bunny and Kalamity Kitty shoot it out onst agin on the hot dusty streets of Silvertown, where many a bad hombre has bit the dust - though seems prob'bly the only bitin' done today, will be in the Cat-Fight ta immejitly follow the gunplay - just as soon as the two furious femmes run out of bullets, that is...

'Cuz while Kalamity may be a tad faster draw with her Navy Colt, she can't hardly hit the broad side o' a Broad...... Whilst with Bronco's rusty 45s, she's lucky if they fires at all! Followin' the Showdown an' Cat-fight, most likely the girls will end up at Miss Vicky's "Schoolhouse" for a bath and other shenanigans... But that's mebbeso for another calendar pr'aps...

That aside - Instead of the usual Bikini Calendar for June - thought we'd go with something a bit different this time around - with thanx to Bad Bill Bunion for the idea... For those of you who may not be up on your Western Movie lore, "Silvertown" was the western street at Ray "Crash" Corrigan's, Corriganville Movie Ranch - and which was the setting for many a TV and Movie showdown... Unfortunately, it all burned to the ground back in the '70s, but the memories still linger on...

As for our July calendar - If anyone has an idea, I'm open to requests... JQ



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