September 2019

Blondie's Buttes

Ahhh, autumn... changing colors... crisp cool nights... clean, fresh air... All this was back about 1898 in the Old West, you understand...

Today things are a bit less crisp an' clear, particularly in political pollution... and as for the clean air, fawgeddaboud it!! What with the Roosky missile-explosion radiation - the Chump in the WhiteHouse revoking regulations on release of (greenhouse gas) Methane pollution from oil refineries as well as general crud from burning that "New Clean Coal" (which somehow burns just as foul an' cruddy as regular ol' coal)... Chump's also doing his best to force states with cleaner pollution regulations over automobile emissions to negate them and allow more smog and filth into the atmosphere... And then there's also all the ash from the burning Brazilian rain forest... Seems it's gettin' harder an' harder to find anywhere with clean clear skies - and with the GOP's predilection for Pollution, it will get even harder in days and years to come!

Yep, all this extra crud for you to breathe adds up to more lung related disease - shorter life expectations - Not just yourself, but your children will have shorter and lousier lives as well! All brought to you by your "friends" in the GOP!!


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