November 2019

Bunz on Marz

With a tip of the chapeau to Edgar Rice Burroughs, in our November Calendar we present a bit of a preview for the Bunz and Katz' comix page- and from their horrified expressions, it seems they have encountered something even more terrifying than themselves!

Good Lord! (*Choke*) Yes, within just a few brief panels, somewhere lost midst the ancient dry sea bottoms of distant BugSlum (aka Marz), Bunz & Katz will encounter a creature sliming out from under a rock, so foul, so reeking of loathsome corruption, so gut wrenchingly revolting that this may be the first comix to require a barf bag for our readers!

*Caution* Even I, who have a fairly strong stomach (possibly due to all those Anchovy Pizzas consumed in my younger days) find drawing this nauseating character hurl-inducing!

It seems likely that Bunz & Katz will soon be regretting not having stayed safely on Earth and achieving their goal of Planetary devastation by simply supporting the Corporate–owned Republican Party until climate change did the job for them! Stay turned...

On the lighter side of the news, the neighbor's cat had kittens – would anyone like to adopt one?? JQ...


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