June 2020


This June 1st, there seems very little to smile about – Coronavirus fatalities are at a new high, the US of A is now number one in the world at poor pandemic control, with more deaths than any other nation – more than in all our wars since the end of WWII combined! While in Minnesota and from coast to coast, protests have broken out over another Cop Killing – George Floyd, slain because he supposedly had spent a counterfeit bill... Not that he'd manufactured the counterfeit – not that we actually know it was counterfeit – not that he was any sort of a threat to anyone – But apparently because he was Black...

While our "Fearless Leader" Rage-Tweets as he cowers in a bunker beneath the White House and Congress apparently is on vacation, any actual leadership is left to state Governors and city Mayors – it seems that the crew at SpaceX are the only ones who've done something right recently, by launching two Astronauts into orbit, "Getting the Hell out of Dodge" sounds like a pretty good idea right about now!

As for this month's calendar – Well, before the Minnesota Cop killing, I was thinkin' about something to do with Social Distancing – or more precisely those idjits who are protesting Social Distancing (which is okay with me, I see those anti-social-distancing protests as Darwinism at work)... Anyway, we kicked a few Calendar ideas around, and for lack of anything better, I started collecting numerous Bunnies and poses into a collage, which was intended to be accompanied by a few pithy comments, something or other to do with a "Coney-virus" (which are now largely rendered irrelevant by current events), as such, all that's left is the calendar pix – make of it what you will – Bunnies, Bunnies an' more Bunnies – seems about the best we're gonna do for the time being... JQ


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