January 2021

Pangea Chixie

Our January desktop calendar might look somewhat familiar... But before you complain, please recall, as someone moderately wise (or at least glib) once said, "You get what you pay for..." And so, my friends, you just got your money's worth... (While for anyone who does NOT find the calendar pix familiar, click HERE for the whole sordid story)...

And now, a dissertation on prehistory histrionics written by a friend: "Well, so now we know what killed off the Dinosaurs... it wasn't the Chicxulub asteroid strike, wasn't climate change, wasn't even the Murder Hornet... it was simple Food Poisoning... Yep, in those distant days, seems there was an early, primitive, defective proto-humanoid called Rumpesius grossus imbecilus... its primary survival instinct was Selfishness... And, obviously, since the only way any species of relatively weak hominids can survive is by Cooperation and Sharing Resources, poor old selfish Rumpesius was doomed from the start... Unfortunately, it did a lot of damage before it finally went extinct, as witness the demise of the Dinosaurs... Truly, You Are What You Eat... or, if you are wiling to Swallow Anything for momentary gratification, don't complain if it comes back to bite you in the end!"

Though perhaps some may think that our Jan. calendar is, as they say, "Counting your Chickens- etc." As I'm certain that Chump is still cooking up seditious schemes to destroy our pesky Democracy in his tiny, twisted mind - still, I doubt that much will come of them, aside from his collecting more millions from his True Believers for his *Ahem* "Election Defense Fund" which goes into his own pockets..

Still, I gotta admit that I am curious to learn what it is in his tax forms that Trump has been so desperate to hide? Also, I'd like to peruse an unredacted version of the Mueller report, or the plethora of items that Trump & Barr have unconstitutionally blocked subpoenas for... wouldn't you?? Well, In 20 days, give or take a few, we might begin to learn the answers to some of these questions... No matter what your political preference, every American should be for learning the truth of these matters – after all, if Trump is as pure and innocent as he claims, the Truth can't hurt him! (Or conversely, if he is what he has acted like all his life, then the Truth could make him shrivel up and melt like a salted slug!) JQ...


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