Etsuko VC ChicSeptember 2nd 2004

With all the recent Brouhaha concerning the past unpleasantness in Viet Nam during the 50s through 70s - Seems that many of the people who want to talk about it now, didn't seem want to go there back then... And with all the bickering over who did what to whom and when and how come and why should this relate to any thing in the present... Well, if like myself, you never quite made it over there either, it might seem to be none of our business... But then if you were an irascible cartoonist with an interest in following the activities of butthead political figures... It's like, we figured, "What the Hey..??"

Also, it seemed about time for a new Department of Homeland Security Elves story, and those two li'l inquisitive Elf trollops Heidi and Etsuko are just the two to investigate these, if not burning, at least half baked, questions of truth or morality... And so, with minimal research, we produced a story totally divorced from reality and lacking in any verisimilitude of accuracy what so ever... A total fabrication of half truths, suppositions, a bit of out and out slander, and just a pinch of venom - all mixed together with loving care... Or in other words, compared to the stuff that you hear on squawk radio, its pretty accurate...

Okay, so I admit it - because of work on this story and a few other projects I've been involved in, (Also watchin' the new Invader Zim DVD) the Calendar originally intended for Sept. didn't get colored... So at the last moment (or a moment after the last moment) I threw together this mix of pix as a sort of sampler... Myself, I find a kind of vitality in the rough sketches - a vitality that often gets lost somewhere along the way towards more finished art - So thought you might enjoy these too - and if you do, you might check in towards the end of this month as hopefully the story will be ready to post by then... Also, I may be updating this calendar with more finished versions of the sketches as I go along... JQ