November 2009

It does seem just a tad odd this month - here I have the calendar up and posted a li'l early, instead of somewhat late (as per usual)... Well Y'see, there's a rational reason for this - the last day of the month is Halloween, and so, instead of the standard all-night rush job to finish up the calendar, I have plans for Halloween Evening - a friend of mine and I plan to spend the night in a local Pumpkin Patch awaiting the return of the Great Pumpkin... or barring that, across the street in the Pub with a glass of stout...

In either case - there is somewhat more of an explaination for this month's Heather Calendar - Y'see, A while back I received an e-mail from Victor V, which read: "Hey, I had a question- where's Heather? I was looking at a lot of the old calendar pages and noticed that she and Kelly did almost everything (and I mean everything) together. Lately I've noticed that she is M.I.A. Did Kelly and her have a fight we don't know about? Anyway just thought I'd ask. thanx bye."

It's amazing the things that can slip past you -- I hadn't even noticed Heather had gone missing - This got me to wondering: Had she and Kelly indeed had a spat? Or perhaps Heather had just moved out and not left a forwarding address? Could she have gotten a job in another comic? Had she been hit by a truck? Tried one of those fad diets and faded completely away? Joined a cult and was now chanting on some street corner? The mind fairly reels with possibilities!

Well, turns out there's nothing to worry about! I went around to her place -- just to check on her welfare, y'see -- and while I was peeking through a window, there she was, big as life and twice au naturel, calling the cops to report a "dirty old peeping Tom." Fortunately I got away-- even more fortunately, with a couple of candid pix that I'd snapped with the ol' Instamatic (hence this month's calendar pix)...

Apparently Heather has just been very busy making out her Xmas list...Yep, seems

She's makin' her list,
an' checkin' it twice,
who she will treat
either naughty or nice...
Heather gives the best gifts in town...

Dee Dumm dum dee dum dum
Dee Dumm dum deedly dee

Or something like that... Leastways, that's my story an' I'm stickin' to it! JQ

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