October 2010Pumpkin Taffy Pix

•••Seems this month's calendar is a bit late... Okay - Okay, it's a LOT Late! And while I could try an type out some sort of explanation - if I did that, then I wouldn't be hashing out the html preliminary to uploading these pix - and I really would like to get this over with tonight!!

So, we'll just skip on over that for the time being -- However, I might mention that among other things, I have been working on some pages for a li'l comix that Dean Norton is putting together - He is looking for more artists, so if anyone is interested - can do pro quality work - and who doesn't mind not getting paid much, (Right, like that's gonna happen) then you can drop me a line and I'll forward anything that seems likely on to Dean...

Other than that - the germ of this month's calendar idea is from Walt W. - So you can thank or blame him... and he did write out a li'l piece about it... Which I seem to have misplaced... Oh, here it is - Yup... JQ:

HEY KIDS! Ain't Halloween GREAT?

All you have to do is dress up in a goofy costume and go around knocking on doors, and people give you Free Candy an' Stuff!

Free Candy an' Stuff... Mmmm, what a concept... Of course, when you're 24 years old and a brown buxom bunny-girl and stacked like gangbusters, people can offer you other things besides Candy... Sometimes they can get rather insistent about offering them other things, and a gal's gotta be firm in her refusal... also, a gal's gotta pack along some spares an' repairs for her goofy costume, just in case of damage or loss in the normal course of said firm refusals... Which leaves only one problem, namely finding a private place to make the necessary adjustments to her accouterments... And one would think that a Pumpkin Patch would be private enough, wouldn't one? After all, nobody here but them Pumpkins... Funny, I never knew pumpkins could leer...

Or: Take Two: What's a Witch Gonna Do?

Or, Which Witch is Gonna do What?

Of course, most modern Witches don't go flying around with green skin, warts an' evil cackling an' such... I mean, what with modern cosmetics and beauticians an' Cosmo magazine, where's the point in that? And as for evil cackling, most Witches nowadays go more for a low, intimate kinda giggle... it's so much more bewitching... And instead of drying up cows or blighting corn, they prefer to go into peddling Avon products... or Politics... While as for those frumpy old granny dresses an' ragged scarves an' clunky old buckle boots, forget it!! After all, a gal has got to put her best foot forward... (among other things)... which means she's gotta display all her best assets... (among other things)... which means the serious witch these days goes in for a perky retro pointed hat, a shortie cape, a lift-up bodice and mini-mini bikini bottoms... (among other things)... while boots are lace-up an' slinky, an' preferably with Heels...

But, with all those modern improvements in the Witching business, you'd THINK somebody would do something to modernize that ancient "Trick" business, wouldn't ya? I mean, a Witch like this Witch would surely be into the "Treat" bit, but what meanie would "trick" this Witch? She lands innocently in an abandoned Punkin patch to adjust her lipstick, and outa nowhere, somebody pantses her!! It's criminal! It's mysterious! it's downright spooky! And who (besides us) could do such a thing? After all, there's nobody around... Nobody but them punkins... Hmmm, that's odd... never knew punkins could leer...WW

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