November 2011

Cardinal Bunny TopPix

Or: another totally pointless calendar pix for a totally pointless month - November, I mean, what use is it? A month whose main purpose seems to be to keep Halloween and Xmas from bumping into one another... Still, I suppose without November to pad out the calendar, then Xmas shopping would start in September and we wouldn't want that! I mean, in September, one needs to concentrate on Baseball and the upcoming World Series an' important stuff like that!

Which reminds me - I want to congratulate the Cardinals on their World Series win! (Hence our top Pix) That 6th game was a Heart-Stopper! Though I s'pose it was all a bummer down in Texas - but well... can't please everyone...

And that brings us around to our calendar pix for this month, which is more or less unrelated, other than it features another popular game: Scribble - or Scrubble - or something like that (I can never spell it)... Unlike Baseball, this particular game is generally considered to be a non-contact sport (Though not the way that Vicky plays it)... She uses special rules, which I can't list here (due to decency regulations)...

I really hadn't planned for any calendar this month - being rather too busy with other matters - so putting this together was a last minute bit of "Glue it together an' hope it floats." No real point to it, other than I had the pix on hand and it may be fun to speculate as to what stakes they're playing for - Speaking of which: Originally, this had been the final panel on a comix page, where Vicky was holding up the tile and saying: "Checkmate!"

While Kelly, apparently miffed that Vicky was either confused as to what game they were playing, or else was cheating... (Well, it almost goes without saying that she's been cheating) was replying something to the effect of: "And that's the only mating you'll be getting tonight!"

Okay, so that's not the greatest punchline - which is why I didn't use it on the calendar... I only repeat it here, because I have nothing more informative to say...

Uh Huh... JQ

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