May 2011

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This month we pay tribute to those classic adventure novels of our childhood... those beloved, dog-eared old books we stuck between the pages of our chemistry textbook in class, or read under the covers at night with a smuggled flashlight... "The Continental Op" - "BullDog Drummond" - "Tarzan" - "Pellucidar" - "King Solomon's Mines" - Doc Smith's "Lensmen" - "Debbie Does the Montreal Expos..." Oops! I was reading that one just last night...

Well anyway - In particular we're mostly saluting those highly improbable jungle adventures filled with voluptuous femmes - iron thewed ape men - devious villains - more than a few lost civilizations (seems one can't hardly go anywhere in Africa without stumbling across another ancient lost city) - and most particularly those books filled with La of Opar! I just gotta say it: Tarzan was such a Putz!! What was he thinking about to dump a dish like La for plain-vanilla Jane?!?

Though the Victorian viewpoint in which many of these stories were steeped in, may strike a present day reader as quirky or frustrating or just incomprehensible - the wild imagination and adventure more than make up for that... well, mostly anyway... I suppose I could write more - but this calendar is late enough, so I'd best be hashing out the html and get it posted now...

By the way, I just know someone is going to write to tell me that La, the lusty, busty high priestess of Opar, is nowhere to be found within the pages of Burrough's "Tarzan the Terrible." - So yes I know that - but the title just begged for this illustration!! Yup... JQ


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