June 2011

Bound For Adventure!Jungle Bunny TopPix

Okay, so the Calendar is late again this month... (Just wanted to get that out of the way)... The thing is, I've been rather busy on another project, so let this Calendar pix slide for rather too long (hadn't finished some of the coloring and all the background elements needed to be gotten together)... As you've probably noticed - Yes, its another Jungle Girl type pix -- that's because last month's proved so massively popular, we thought we'd do it again... Yeah Right! Truth to tell, I just had this other pix, one that I'd drawn up years ago (somewhere around '92 or '94) Back then, I'd botched the inking - so set it aside - then a few years back I took the scan and began reworking it, while redrawing most of the pix, with the idea of using it for a calendar pix - just never actually finished the thing till now and very little of the original is left (mostly just a bit of Vicky & her Rifle)... And Yes, it all is just a Double Entendre sort of Pun... Also: Yes, I didn't actually leave any open space for the Calendar numbers... Sometimes you jus' forget - Y'know...

As for next month, I have NO Idea of what to do! Anyone who has something fun they'd like drawn up, here's a chance to send an email an' suggest it... And remember, try an' keep 'em PG13 'Kay?

As for other news an such... Well, maybe I'll have something next month... Till then... JQ


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