July 2011

I Dreamed I was Queen of the Jungle in my Bunny-Form Ze-Bra!Jungle Bunny TopPix

Yes, that's right, your eyes do not deceive you, this is our third jungle chic themed calendar in a row... "WHY?" you may be asking yourself, "WHY?? What are they thinking of?!?"

Quagmire Sells Out!

Okay, so in all frankness - due to the sad state of the economy and the plummeting of the US Dollar, along with our collapsing portfolio of Amalgamated Fuzz stock - we decided to bolster our bank book by selling out - and selling ad space on the monthly calendars... This month is brought to you by the generous donations of the Play-Trix Brassiere Company and their new Bunny-Form Ze-Bra, favored by Jungle Chix everywhere!! It holds - it molds an' it also doubles as a handy slingshot... Quantities Limited - Order Today!! (Bunny not included)...

Jungle Chix once lived life in the raw,
But now they all shop at the Tropical Mall,
No pelts, skins or hides (they're so Neanderthal!)
It's nylons and Spandex for today's jungle doll.
She feels sleek and chic in a perm by Clairol,
Poly-Leopard scanties and a push-up Ze-bra!

And while we're at it - also this month, we're posting a complete (sort of) Jungle Heather story - featuring our Blonde Bunny Cutie... Back in May, with the first of these Jungle Chic calendars, I started scribbling out ideas for this story - Walt also suggested a few ideas - but I ignored him an' finished it anyway... Well... that is to say: It's not actually "Finished" per se, as the pages aren't actually inked or colored- they're basically my rough sketches laid out with panels and text balloons and such - so it's probably about as "Finished" as the story is ever going to get... an' Hey, it's all *Free*!! I really don't have the time to do more work on this story - plus if I did, I wouldn't be posting it for you to read now --- did I mention, it's all *Free*!?!

So, to sally forth to our moderately sleazy Jungle Action story - just click the Bunny!!


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