March 2012

Bunny PratFall

Breaking The Ice;
We Faw Down an' Go BOOM!

(An' then bouncy, bouncy, bouncy...)

Yep, here were are in the chilly month of March - The crisp air - the snow - the skiing - the skating - the sneezing - the heating bills - the flu - the icy sidewalks - the skidding on the back of your neck all the way from the front steps clear to the street...

...Uh, now, where was I (aside from flat on my back, I mean)? Oh, yeah. Winter being a fun time an' all - So of course our favorite Bunny enjoys the amenities of the season... though seems she also has discovered that ice is HARD - that's COLD and HARD - I mean, Really Really COLD and HARD! Kind'a not what you want to skid along, on bare bunny buns!! But hey, what would we do for a calendar, if she wasn't in a bit of distress??

Perhaps she'll be sitting on a comfy pillow for the next couple of days... Anyone wishing to offer to rub on some soothing ointment, had best proceed with caution!! Myself, I think I'll just step out for a hot buttered Rum and not get involved...

Uh huh... JQ

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