December 2013

Pizza Delivery Bunz & Katz

And Lo, in those days of legend, three wise Magi journeyed from out of the east, guided by a glowing mystical sign in the evening skies... It may have been a star - it may have been a comet - or, there are those who suppose, it may have been the glowing sign of a Pizza franchise...

I realize that this latter theory may seem a bit out there - yet, some neobonkers scholars have postulated that not only did the Romans conquer the then known world, but also spread their culture in the form of cheap pizza parlors, off track betting clip joints and pre-fab ruins... And while opinion is divided as to whether this new theory is merely stupid, or on the other hand, totally insane... This, as some would have it, "Wacko" conjecture, has been kicked around by the Cognizanti, dribbled across the court and drop kicked for a three pointer between the bars -- the type of bars which specialize in cheap plonk and cheaper floozies... But *ahem* that aside - it does bring us around to the theme of this month's Calendar... And yes, it is a li'l late... okay, so it's a whole lot late!! But well... Y'know, I am gettin' old an' crickety... an' anyway, it is all free folks!!

Note* (for you finicky types) Yes, I am fully aware that the Romans would not have had Tomato sauce for their Pizza - tomatoes being a western "New World" fruit - (or one of those cheap floozies) Yet, I have it on good authority that Roman Pizza Chefs used a certain type of red berry for their sauce, which gave ancient Pizzas a tart, jammy sort of flavor... Yum!

Also, as long as I'm typing this, we do have a special Xmas story featuring Io & Callisto - those curvy Green Alien Bunnies - which you can find via this link... There may also be a special Xmas page on the Bunz & Katz Comix site - all depending on if I get it done in time or not... Uh Huh... JQ

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