September 2013

Cutey Bunny

Septembers come and Septembers go - and after a time, recollections of most of them tend to get somewhat jumbled up in one's memory... However, there was one rather special September, back in 1961, when "Flash of Two Worlds" hit the comics racks... (Note to Sticklers for accuracy: Yes, I do realize that comics were advance dated to extend their newsstand life - as such, the comic would have been on sale sometime before September... But hey, it's cover dated as September, so we're goin' with that!

In any case, writer Gardner Fox, illustrator Carmine Infantino and Editor Julius Schwartz gave us what would become a classic story, and which would inspire other writers to seemingly endlessly twist the Alternate Worlds concept - turning it inside out and backwards - upside down and widdershins - throwing it away, then bringing it back again, until I have no idea where they're at today!!

Now some of you may be asking yourselves, "What does all this have to do with Cutey Bunny?"

The answer being: "Not a lot..." The thing is, last year I had a somewhat twisted idea myself - playing with the alternate worlds concept and with our favorite Heroine Bunny meeting her alter-dimensional self... The two seem to be nearly identical, just separated in time by six months... (Yes, this does cause some consternation for at least one of the Bunnies)... And as I'd put together this pastiche cover, I thought I might as well use it for a calendar... So there you have it - not exactly as groundbreaking as the original - But it's cheaper...

Meanwhile, for those of you who may not have tried reading Bunz and Katz yet - our erstwhile Alien "Horde" are still having some difficulty in getting the hang of things... Currently they seem to be having some sort of altercation in a comix shop, over matters trivial if not picayunish... Exactly what it's all about, I'm not exactly certain - and I'm supposed to be writing the thing! Whooo-Boy!! JQ...

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